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Piano lessons


piano lessons

Flo has more than 10 years of international teaching experience. She has worked at the Music Academy in Belgium and Conservatory of France (Nice, Antibes) and is an acclaimed teacher. She can do her lessons in French or English!


Piano lessons in London in the comfort of your home

Piano lessons for children and adults at all levels! Learn to play your favourite songs, and how to read music, either for fun or to prepare for any kind of exam or test.

Playing an instrument is a highly rewarding experience but basic piano techniques is important to get right, from the outset Flo tailors teaching to every pupil’s specific needs, whilst keeping lessons enjoyable.



Children (starts 4 years old)

Flo teaches playfully with new methods and techniques (visual recognition of notes, colors, numbers, rhythmic games, mental repetition…).



Whether you want to learn classical piano, pop-jazz-blues tunes or a particular song, Flo can tailor the lessons to suit your goals.


“I can help every student to pursue their passion and find new ways to express themselves through music. ” dixit Flo


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